The intention of the work is to provide a sensory activation of the Body, Mind, & Soul that regenerates genetic memory and provides cultural identity affirmations.

Using various mediums to intuitively express different ways that humanity can coexist and collectively move forward in ways that are more conducive to the survival of the planet.

9 perspectives to apply in life that will generate life force energy 

  • Reason - Have a reason for doing the things you do.
  • Intention - Put positive intentions into the things you do.
  • Purpose - Let the work you do have a purpose that’s greater than you.
  • Awareness - Learn and expand your perspectives everyday.
  • Creation - Bring ideas from your mind into 3rd dimensional reality.
  • Preservation - Preserve culture and tradition so that it cant be colonized.
  • Cultivation - Plant food and medicine for intentional use.
  • Holistic medicine - Interact and communicate with sacred plants.
  • Sustainable Living - Live in harmony with the planet be one with the eco system.
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